Exhaust Hood Filters

Exhaust hood filters

Stainless Steel Baffle Grease Filters are the easiest to maintain, they will last the longest and provide the best appearance. This hood filter is perfect for tough commercial kitchen applications and provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

Baffle grease filters collect grease and stop flames from penetrating into the hood exhaust duct-work. They are designed to prevent flames from passing through the baffles and can withstand various temperature levels. The solid baffle construction of each hood filter ensures a reliable flame barrier when you need it. Practicing efficient grease removal lowers the risk of such flare-ups.

Elite Hood Service is proud to help our customers Save money in parts and labor. We not here to sell you expensive parts to keep your system running efficiently, instead we here to protect our customers budget. We will give you the correct and cheapest parts. We have been doing our job searching for the cheapest prices Nationwide to bring our customers just the best parts and cheapest as possible.

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